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Welcome to my homepage. Here you can find out some info about me, my interests, some side projects, articles, and some other useful links.

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2024-04-06: Automating Camera E-Mails with Reolink and HomeSeer
2023-09-24: Fun Phone Numbers
2023-09-04: Crafting Game Genie Codes
2023-09-03: Intro To NES Game Hacking with .NET Tools
2023-08-31: Installing & Configuring Lets Encrypt on Ubuntu
2023-07-29: Windows 98 and the .NET Assembler
2023-07-04: Integrating Pushover with HomeSeer
2023-07-02: The Lost Art of Technical Manuals
2023-06-16: IFTTT as a Push Notification Service
2023-06-07: Bulk Extraction of MMS Attachments On Android
2023-06-04: Design Decisions - Why Basic HTML?
2023-06-03: Bringing Back Content To My Homepage



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